market baskets morocco handcrafted

Our collection of Baskets 

Our collection of Baskets are classic French Market Basket.
The perfect choice for shopping trips, picnics, days at the beach.
Not only, they're eco-friendly, they look great in the home for storing toys or magazines. 

Our basketry craft

Handwoven by women in Morocco using palm leaf, and crafted in our workshop, they are both sturdy and flexible. 
A fine combination of tradition and modernity.
All basketry craft connecting the different parts of the french baskets are made with silk of aloe.
It takes about 10 hours for a skilled craftsman to design a french baskets of this quality.

Leather and vegetable tanning

Our leather handles are made of genuine high quality leather to offer a perfect comfort. 
This leather doesn't smell due to the "Leather Bio Ethics" vegetable tanning process.
This way of tanning is getting more and more uncommon, and the basketry craft of Marrakech and Fez are the last to use these eco-aware products.


All the work of sequin, embroidery, leather work (fringes, handles ...) and sewing is done carefully by hand. 
Everything is handcrafted in our workshop.
This is a great traditional work of precision and quality, know-how to protect. 

Fair trade

We make our collection in a logic of fair trade, which means we pay all craftsmen, leather workers and tanner at the right price.

One year warranty

Given the premium quality of our french baskets, we offer a one year warranty, knowing that our french baskets have a more than ten years lifespan.


You can order detail on the website directly.
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You can order our collection, as we can do your personel collection.
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