Customized Your Straw Bags

    Hotels, brands, shops, dealers…we can customize your own baskets with a painted vintage impression. You can choose from a large selection of basket sizes, handles, colors and quality of straw. We also offer upscale options, like adding an inside fabric layer. Contact us with your request. (WHOLESALE ONLY)

  • handmade products from our workshop

    Wholesale Moroccan Baskets

    Professional, reseller, hotel, store, you're looking for a unique, natural, handmade product, the straw basket is for you. We are the manufacturer, we have our stocks and we can produce on demand. We have experience for over 10 years, we do shipping for simple parcel to container all around the world. If you want more informations and possibilities, thank you for contacting us at french.baskets@gmail.com


    A Wining Team

    Geraldine lives in the United States, Florida, Karine lived for more than 10 years in Morocco, Marrakech. This surprising meeting was born our company, French Baskets, and soon a brand. We imagine together our various baskets models. And we share our skills. One keeps track of production in our workshops, and takes care of shipping worldwide. The other deals with the development of our products and shipments directly from the United States. Each of us take care of your orders or answer at your requests.

  • handmade products from our workshop

    Straw Totes Manufacturing

    Handwoven by women in Morocco using palm leaf, and crafted in our workshop, straw bags are both sturdy and flexible. A fine combination of tradition and modernity. All basketry craft connecting the different parts of the french baskets are made with silk of aloe. It takes about 10 hours for a skilled craftsman to design a straw tote of this quality. All the work of sequin, embroidery, leather work (fringes, handles ...) and sewing is done carefully by hand. Everything is handcrafted in our workshop. This is a great traditional work of precision and quality, know-how to protect.

  • Collections Fall Winter 2017

    Collections Fall Winter 2017

    We love the look of French Market Baskets. The perfect choice for shopping trips, picnics or days at the beach. The ultimate sustainable product. Not only ! They are eco-friendly, they look great in the home for storing toys or magazines, lightweight, strong, ideal for food shopping, a beach bag or weekender. We like to store throw pillows or blankets or even bathroom accessories like hairdryers and products in them. The straw basket becomes multi-utility design object, decorative and storage. A combination of details, shape, leather, color for the new season of Fall Winter 2016-2017.

  • Stock- Production Capacity

    Stock-Production Capacity

    We are the leading manufacturer of straw totes. We manufacture baskets at the base, in our workshops. We are not limited in production. Over time, we have built a substantial stock.

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